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your resource to source, install, and maintain the equipment in your heat-treating and material processing operations
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experienced Heat Treat Professionals

with over 25 years of technical experience in the metals and materials processing industry, our team is able to discuss the best solutions available for your application as well as provide the support and services required to keep your equipment operational

product sales &
system consultants

our sales consultants stay up to date with the latest products, controls, and solutions available from a wide range of world class OEMs and so that we can recommend the right solution for your process

technical support

our technical support team is extremely familiar with a wide range of systems and products utilized on materials processing equipment and can help diagnose and resolve issues to keep your equipment up and running

installation and maintenance service

our experienced team of installation and service technicians are available to both install and startup your capital equipment as well as provide preventative and support maintenance when requried

product & System consultants

Obsidian's network of professional heat-treating consultants represent decades of experience working with clients in the heat treating and material processing industries

Territory Coverage

Our team of sales consultants and service technicians are able to support heat treat departments throughout the eastern USA.

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TEchnical support

Our team can troubleshoot and resolve issues on a wide variety of heat treat processing equipment as well as recommend and deliver upgrades and improvements to help your department work more efficiently.

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principal Application relationships

Obsidian maintains sales and support relationships with key equipment manufacturers that provide world class solutions for a wide variety of applications. We are proud to work with the following companies:

Nitrex Nitriding Furnaces

Nitrex provides heat treatment solutions and services that consistently set industry benchmarks, define strength, and exceed the most stringent requirements for performance.

GM Enterprises Vacuum Furnaces

GMe provides high-temperature vacuum furnaces developed and proven for all types of heat-treating applications from simple steel to high-temperature nickel-based alloys and titanium across a wide variety of sectors including aerospace, nuclear, power turbine, medical, tool and dies, MIM, and 3D additive manufacturing.

United Process Controls

UPC-Marathon has an extensive heat-treating background with expertise in instrumentation, control systems, process development, metallurgy, commercial and captive heat treating, and furnace service and maintenance. Our products and control solution packages are backed by worldwide support and can be applied to almost all applications. We offer both standard and custom solutions for retrofit and new applications.

C3 Data - Calibration Software

C3 is a software platform built specifically for the thermal processing industry to help ensure furnace compliance to any number of industry requirements. (Nadcap, AMS2750, CQI-9 and more). Our software effectively eliminates virtually all the human-error-prone (manual) processes associated with compliance, allowing you to focus more of your time and energy on other value-added activities.

Abbott Furnace Company

Abbott Furnace Company is an industrial furnace manufacturer with 40 years of experience designing and producing some of the industry’s most reliable and high-performing industrial continuous belt furnaces. We manufacture a variety of continuous belt industrial furnaces for both the domestic and international market, including powder metal, annealing, brazing, thick film processing, glass to metal seal, EV batteries, soft magnetic composites, carbon felt, and molded pulp packaging. We are a leading producer of industrial furnaces for sintering, annealing, tempering, brazing, heat treating, steam treating, Continuous Atmosphere Brazing (CAB), high-temperature, and manufacturer of many other specialty furnace-related products.

SBS Corporation

SBS Corporation is a United States based company in Sarasota, Florida, that has been providing the world with engineered products for fluid cooling, heating, filtering and controlling since 1974. They have designed and manufactured thousands of heat treat, industrial, petrochemical  and other related industrial cooling, filtering, and controlling systems. Whether the objective is to eliminate water usage with a dry cooler or increase system efficiencies with process filtration or simply to improve a liquid process control we stand ready with the knowledge and manufacturing capabilities required for a superior cooling, heating, monitoring and controlling experience. Liquid process improvement is our only business.